Becky Anderson

What Inspires You - The Tony Awards

Blog Post created by Becky Anderson Employee on Jun 14, 2016

So I will confess that I didn't watch the Tony Awards when they were telecast, but there was so much discussion afterwards that I decided to watch some of the snippets. You can see them at Watch Online - - The American Theatre Wing's Tony Awards® - Official Website by IBM  . So what was inspiring about these? First off, I'm always amazed a people who can sing and dance and act--all at once! (I can barely do the pat your head / rub your belly thing.)  I had no idea that James Corden was talented enough to do that opening number. The fact that Lin-Manuel Miranda wrote Hamilton (story, score, songs) and it is such a unique musical, with a hugely diverse cast--and he wrote a sonnet to his wife as a thank you when he won a Tony! Steve Martin worked on Bright Star, after a career as a comedian, novelist, actor, and more. The kids singing, dancing, and playing musical instructors in School of Rock were fabulous. The stories behind The Waitress and Shuffle Along are fascinating (and a bit sad as well). I'm sure there are more stories, but I don't know that I can take more inspiration today.