Becky Anderson

What's the Status with Tech Support?

Blog Post created by Becky Anderson Employee on Sep 22, 2016

We are now in the third week of the busy season for our support team in Duluth. That means that things are calming down a bit, but we are still experiencing higher volume than we will in November. What does that mean for numbers?


  • 1000 total contacts with support on Wednesday, 9/21
  • 508 of those were phone calls; 118 were chat contacts; 374 of those contacts used the form/email
  • 89.97% of those 508 calls on 9/21 were answered within 90 seconds, the average call was answered in 28 seconds, and the average length of call was 7 minutes and 41 seconds


As you always will hear me say, if you experience an issue, or your students experience an issue, please, please, please contact support. We can only fix the problems that we know about.