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In order to provide you and your students with a better experience in 2017, we are making major improvements to our infrastructure. However, in order to do this, the LaunchPad family of products will be down for maintenance from 11pm Eastern on December 22nd until 11am Eastern on December 24th. We anticipate the downtime will be shorter than this (more like 14 hours), but we’d rather prepare you for more rather than less downtime.


During this maintenance period, neither you nor your students will be able to access your course, complete assignments, or export grades. Please export any end-of-semester grades before 11pm Eastern on the 22nd if you need to submit them on the 23rd.


If you have any questions about this, please let us know.


In addition, we wanted to let you know that, due to the holidays, customer technical support will be closed on December 24, 25, and 31 as well as January 1. We hope you are not working during that time either.

Becky Anderson

Content Updates

Posted by Becky Anderson Employee Dec 12, 2016

When a customer reports a content issue in LaunchPad, sometimes we can fix that issue immediately and sometimes we need to make the edit at the end of the semester. For a number of courses, we will be adding a new folder to your table of contents entitled Winter 2016 Content Updates at the end of December. In this folder, we will have new content for you to use. To use this new content, first, remove the ‘old’ content. Then simply move the ‘new’ content into your existing table of contents and assign it.


You should have gotten an email from me about this detailing the content coming if you are using one of the books / LaunchPads listed below: 


Belsky, Experiencing the Lifespan 4e
Berger, Developing Person through Childhood & Adolescence 10e
Berger, Developing Person through the Life Span, 9e
Berger, Invitation to the Lifespan 3e
Comer, Abnormal Psychology 9e
Comer, Fundamentals of Abnormal Psychology 7e
Comer, Fundamentals of Abnormal Psychology 8e
Cowen, Modern Principles of Economics 3e
Cowen, Modern Principles of Macroeconomics 3e
Cowen, Modern Principles of Microeconomics 3e
Domosh, Contemporary Human Mosaic 1e
Greenberg, Soc Psychology 1e
Hockenbury, Psychology 7e
Hockenbury, Psychology, 7e for High School
Krugman & Wells, Macroeconomics in Modules 3e
Krugman Mods Macro 3e Update
Krugman, Economics 4e
Krugman, Macroeconomics 4e
Krugman, Microeconomics 4e
Lodish, Molecular Cell Biology 8e
Morris, How Life Works 2e
Myers, Exploring Psychology 9e DSM-5 update
Myers, Psychology in Everyday Life 3e
Myers, Psychology in Modules 10e DSM-5 update
Nolan Statistics for the Behavioral Science 3e
Pierce, Genetics Essentials, 3e
Pulsipher, World Regional Geography Concepts 3e
Research Methods: The Scientist Within, 1e
Rosenberg Abnormal Psychology 2e
Schacter, Psychology Third Canadian Edition
Siegler How Children Develop 4e


Please let me know if you have any questions about this. 

As we near the end of the fall semester, just a few notes to make sure you are ready to wrap up fall and prepare for winter or spring.

There is a great section in the LaunchPad Instructor’s Manual called “Track Student Work” which can help you see all of a student’s individual LaunchPad activities—their ‘digital footprint’. Here are some other key articles that might be useful today:

Preparing for the Spring Semester

We’d like to provide you with some helpful articles on how to make sure your preparation goes smoothly:

And remember: