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Becky Anderson

New Support Community

Posted by Becky Anderson Employee Mar 31, 2017

Starting today, the help pages and customer support form that you’ve been using will transition to our new Digital Product Support Community--which is contained within this site. In this new community, you can read knowledge base articles, create support cases, view product tutorials, and more.


How is this better?

  • You can easily get answers to simple questions and known issues at the touch of a button
  • You can create a support case, and follow it through the system to resolution
  • You can request additional articles or make suggestions to improve our existing articles
  • This new support community is already part of the Macmillan communities that you already know and use, making one stop shopping even easier.


Post to the new community and let us know what you think!

Just this week we released a new feature to all LaunchPad and Writer’s Help courses: REEF Integration. REEF, i>clicker’s mobile response system, enables you to poll and quiz students using the devices they already bring to class--smart phones, laptops, tablets, and even i>Clicker remotes.


What does this mean? As of today, you can link your REEF course to your LaunchPad course and quickly synchronize your students’ grades to LaunchPad. This allows students to have single sign-on with REEF and LaunchPad, and keep all their grades in one spot. We have a quick explanatory video for you.


How does this work? In REEF, navigate to your REEF course’s Settings and copy the link from the LMS Sync tab (which is accessible from the REEF Settings icon/page).


LMS Sync in REEF



Then in LaunchPad, you will select “+ Add a new assignment” and you will now see the option for “Reef Course Link”.

+Add New in LaunchPad


Set up the assignment, making sure to paste in that URL from REEF. Voila!  You now have a column for REEF in your LaunchPad gradebook.


How much does this cost? As of today, 6 months of REEF access is only $5 when packaged with a Macmillan Learning Product. What a deal!


How can I learn more about REEF or this integration between REEF and LaunchPad and get access to REEF? Reach out to your local Macmillan Learning representative for more information.

Becky Anderson

March 18 Maintenance

Posted by Becky Anderson Employee Mar 8, 2017

On Saturday, March 18th from 4am -8am Eastern, we will be performing scheduled infrastructure maintenance work on LaunchPad and Writer’s Help. During this maintenance window, the LaunchPad application will be inaccessible by instructors and students. 

Yesterday I had the privilege of listening to Donovan Livingston do a live version of his spoken word poem "Lift Off" that garnered so much attention from the Harvard Graduate School of Education's Convocation last year. (If you haven't seen it, it's 6 minutes long, very powerful, and I'd highly recommend it.) In addition, he spoke a bit about the impact that the teachers mentioned (and not mentioned) in the poem had on him. He spoke of Ms. Parker, who in 7th grade encouraged him to harness all his energy and taught him to debate. He talked about his high school teacher who wouldn't let him do spoken word at his high school graduation (but reached out immediately after his Convocation talk to congratulate him.) And he talked about all the people he met along the way, both at Harvard and before, who helped him become the person he is, who influenced him so much, and who allowed him to make that moving speech. It was a great reminder of the impact that teachers can have on students, and humans on one another. 

We want to help you get to those great conferences and talk about the success you’re having with Macmillan!

With Macmillan's Travel Grant Program, you, as U.S. college or university instructors, can apply for a grant to be used toward expenses incurred in connection with your attendance at certain conferences or events at which your use of digital products offered by Macmillan Learning (such as LaunchPad or LearningCurve) are be discussed. Applicants who are selected by Macmillan can receive grants of up to $500 each.

Applications are being accepted continuously, so please apply once you get accepted to speak at a conference.  

Learn more here.  And don't forget to review the Terms and Conditions before you apply!