Becky Anderson

Standardized Maintenance

Blog Post created by Becky Anderson Employee on Mar 21, 2018

Thanks so much for taking the survey to let us know which day, if any, you have a preference for us doing maintenance. As a result of your feedback and our data on low usage times, we are going to do a monthly maintenance one Saturday/Sunday of the month, from midnight Saturday until 7am Eastern Sunday.


During the maintenance window, you will not be able to log in or do work in the LaunchPad family of products. 


The schedule for the next few months (all times Eastern) is:

Midnight April 28 until 7am April 29

Midnight May 19 until 7am May 20

Midnight June 24 until 7am June 24

Midnight July 28 until 7am July 29


I’ll share another reminder about these maintenance periods as we move into the fall. Thanks for your patience with us as we continue to work to keep the product running smoothly. 


(NOTE: We are NOT planning on doing a maintenance in March.)