Becky Anderson

Webinar Week:  February 25th - March 1st 2019

Blog Post created by Becky Anderson Employee on Feb 19, 2019

Macmillan Learning is offering a series of webinars the week of February 25th to March 1st that will share concepts, products, ideas, and science as they pertain to the use of technology in the classroom. We are proud to be at the forefront of curriculum innovation and to partner with various educators and scientists who help us advance education technology. 


We are offering 8 no-cost sessions - join one or all! 


Topics include iOLab, College Success, Remote Response systems, Introductory Biology, Nutrition/Active Learning in STEM, Adaptive Quizzing, and Mass Communication. 




iClicker - the science behind in-class polling and response systems - with Mark Laumakis.


iOLab - the groundbreaking new hardware and software solution that revolutionizes the physics lab - with Shawn Weatherford of UFL who recently obtained a $10,000 grant for use in online sections


College Success - using ACES assessment to measure student growth - with Wade Leuwerke.


Mass Communication - using digital resources to maintain currency in your course.


Custom Labs - a look at what digital resource exist to enhance or supplement labs - with Robin Maxwell. 


Intro Biology - course redesign and how it can improve Biology education - with Jim Morris. 


Nutrition/STEM Active Learning - how to keep students engaged, before, during and after class - with Jamie Pope.


Achieve Read & Practice - a review of Macmillan's new adaptive quizzing offering Achieve Read and Practice that is affordable, mobile, and simple - with Rebecca Shrum.


We look forward to seeing you during this week.