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I've been traveling and visiting programs interested in Writer's Help a lot over the past few months. Many writing programs have expressed interest in the writing in the disciplines coverage, and I love showing how each disciplinary writing section in Writer's Help 2.0: Hacker version includes a discussion of:

  • questions posed by that discipline
  • what counts as evidence
  • writing conventions

Since WH is at its core a research project, I've been asking more questions about how students approach their writing problems when completing writing assignments for other courses. I wanted to share some of the cross-disciplinary search terms students have used in the past:

  • "how do doctors write"
  • "double-blind"
  • "original contribution"
  • "project statement"
  • "scientific study"
  • "presentation of results"
  • "how to create an appendix"
  • "orthopedic writing"
  • "writing in education field"
  • "for engineers"