Alanya Harter

Have Your View, Your Way

Blog Post created by Alanya Harter Employee on Jul 22, 2015

Did you know you can customize your profile and your experience of the Macmillan Community? It's true. But first, a brief detour: When I think about customizing (anything), I think of Burger King "Have It Your Way" campaign. After 10 minutes of Google research, however, I learn two critically important things:

  1. BK retired that slogan in 2014, in favor of the more ambiguous, "Be Your Way." possibly expressed through the limited release of the "Proud Whopper" (Ad of the Day: Burger King Makes the Most Fabulous Whopper Ever for LGBT Pride | Adweek)
  2. Andrew McCarthy, as a lovably shambly Pepsi delivery guy, and Elizabeth Shue, as a gleaming Burger King employee, starred in a commercial that aired in the early 80s. What a find! Andrew McCarthy & Elisabeth Shue Burger King Commercial 1983 - YouTube 

And now back to Your View. Some people tell me that they find it hard to get back to content they know they saw in the Community--sometimes they can't remember the name of the document, or who the author was. The screenshots below show you how to quickly navigate to a view that's customized to you: the content, people, and places you view frequently. Voila!