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Blog Post created by Nikki Jones Employee on Aug 6, 2018

You'll see us talking quite a bit about SXSWedu in the coming weeks. For those unfamiliar with SXSWedu: it's an awesome education conference held in Austin, TX each year. SXSWedu brings together a community of educators, entrepreneurs, and business folks to discuss the future of learning. At Macmillan Learning, we look at this conference as an opportunity to share our unique perspective on teaching, learning, insights, outcomes, student success, and much more!


The neat thing about SXSWedu is that the education community plays a significant role in the programming for the meeting. Voters (people like YOU!) can visit the PanelPicker page, peruse sessions and vote for the best sessions.

Check out our proposed sessions below! If you like what you see, click the thumbs up button on the session page! Voting is open through August 30th, 2018. Vote today and tell a friend!


How Digital Technology Efficacy Research is Failing Higher-Ed Instructors and Tools to Fix It


Speakers: Dr. Adam Black, Dr. Kara McWilliams


About this session: Instructors are flooded with choices as new digital learning tools enter the higher-education market. This talk shifts the conversation of educational technology efficacy away from research that is conducted in isolation, to research that is highly collaborative between researchers and educators so that findings are relevant and actionable for instructors in their courses. We outline an approach to measuring efficacy at all stages of a product development lifecycle that can be implemented by any educational software develop and that leads to useful and reliable findings. We also provide tools that instructors can use to evaluate what digital learning tools will work in their courses.


Affordability in Higher Education: A New Perspective on the Total Cost of Student Success


Speakers: Ken Michaels, Kara McWilliams


About this session: The mounting cost of higher education - including tuition, living expenses, and curricular materials - is a critical challenge that all stakeholders are grappling with. In fact, in many cases affordability is forcing students and their families to reassess the value versus the cost of a degree. Increasingly the focus on mitigating these costs is lowering the price of educational materials, but void is the discussion around whether this is occurring at the expense of learner outcomes. This talk will reframe the affordability discussion and present a perspective that encompasses the total cost of student success, including affordable teaching and learning solutions that are demonstrated to not only mitigate the high cost of higher education, but also influence positive instructor and student outcomes.  


Innovating in EdTech through Human-Centered Design


Speakers: Jeff Bergin, Jared Crane


About this session: Designing innovative technologies is becoming an increasingly human-centered activity, drawing on methods in design thinking, user research, and human-computer interaction. Designing educational technologies, however, has hidden complexities, as it often involves designing for two sets of users: students and instructors. This interactive session will examine several methods for conducting practical and effective human-centered design with students and instructors. It will also provide participants with a set of guidelines for beginning their own human-centered design practice.


Implementing Active Learning for Engagement and Effectiveness: An Interactive Panel


Speakers: Dr. Jeff Bergin, Dr. Chris Dede, Dr. Erin Dolan


About this session: Active learning is one increasingly common way to engage students in the learning process through interactive, collaborative, and constructive activities. Indeed, many of these activities are affordable, effective and relatively easy to implement, but few are built on research-based methods and measured for effectiveness and impact -- without which, active learning can be less effective or even counterproductive. This panel will begin by introducing common approaches to active learning. Then, the panel will share two pieces of research: an evidence-based active learning model and an impact study examining outcomes associated with the implementation of active learning techniques. Finally, the panel will discuss the pros and cons of implementing active learning methods in a variety of classrooms.



Voting is easy. Simply click the proposal links above and give our sessions a 'thumbs up.' Note: you must create a SXSWedu profile to vote; creating a profile takes 2-3 minutes.


Voting is open from August 6th- August 30th.


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