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Thanks for your usage of Sapling and we hope you’ll continue to work with us. In fact, if you tell us by 4/20/19 that you'll be using Sapling in the summer or fall, we think it will make you healthy, wealthy and wise. How so? Because if you tell us now, then we’ll send you one of our great trade books--and you can choose which one...
Becky Anderson

Moving to HTML5

Posted by Becky Anderson Employee Feb 26, 2019

For Fall 2019 classes, almost all of our Sapling users (except those in Chemical Engineering and Organic Chemistry) will have the option to start using Sapling in HTML5.


What are the benefits of moving to HTML5?

  • With Flash going away, there will be NO PLUGIN needed to run Sapling.
  • Sapling will then run faster on more browsers.   (For the best user experience, we recommend that you run a browser check. Go to to see your status).
  • We will have more accessibility options.
  • HTML5 also provides a better platform for upcoming additions to features and functionality.
  • More modern and intuitive user experience
  • Assignment preview and reset has more options
  • Improved analytics such as item analysis
  • Mobile accessible for tablets and target Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 AA
  • Previewing assignments is easier
  • Building and editing assignments is easier
  • MolDraw for Lewis structures and molecular geometry


What do you need to do to move to HTML5?

If you are planning on using Sapling for the Fall 2019 semester, the sooner you let the Client Success Team know, the better. They can start building your course now in HTML5 before the start of classes.


How can you get training on this?

Just sign up for one of our training classes sometime this spring!


When do you have to move to HTML5?

Flash will be retired in December 2020, so you will be definitely need to by the end of 2020.



Friday, February 8, 2019 at 2:00 PM ET


While the benefits of a classroom response system in large lecture halls may be obvious, those same benefits can be obtained in smaller, more intimate class of 30 or fewer students. Led by Brian Geislinger of Gadsden State Community College, this webinar will discuss both how iClicker can be effectively used in small classes, as well as the unique challenges that active learning techniques in a smaller group can present.


After earning his PhD in Physics from UAB, Brian Geislinger has taught Physics and Astronomy at Gadsden State Community College for the past 10 years. Brian has been recognized with a number of awards for innovation both in teaching and for the use of technology in his classroom.



If you have students who want to get the print book to go with Sapling or SaplingPlus, please be sure to alert them to the options at the Student Store.


Why rent textbooks from Macmillan Learning?  

Renting textbooks can help students save money throughout their college career. Textbooks rentals are available from 3 months to 1 year—choose the duration that works best. The best part of all? We offer free shipping for all hard-copy textbook rentals with immediate 14-day access to the online e-textbook.


Did you know that you can integrate iClicker into your Sapling or SaplingPlus course to keep all your grades in one place? And that you can use iClicker for attendance? With iClicker, use GPS technology to ensure that students are attending class. No more attendance codes that can be easily shared via text!


Learn more or sign up for a demonstration.

Becky Anderson

First Day of Class

Posted by Becky Anderson Employee Dec 27, 2018

As you start to prep for your next round of classes, don't forget that we have syllabus inserts and presentation decks for you to use to help students get registered with Sapling Learning and SaplingPlus. 


Please view the following presentation slides and download the attached syllabus inserts, input your course information, and share them with your students prior to your first day of class. You can post them in your learning management system, e-mail them, or print them out to distribute in class.

If you want to make any changes to the presentation slides, go to File > Make a copy and edit the copy you create.

Good luck and let us know if you have any questions as you start up classes! 

Becky Anderson

Maintenance on 4/29/18

Posted by Becky Anderson Employee Apr 25, 2018

We will be performing system maintenance on Sunday morning (4/29) from 12:01am Eastern until 7am Eastern. Sapling and Sapling Learning will not be available during these 7 hours. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please plan accordingly and thank you for your patience.

We are doing a webinar on Friday, February 23rd at 1pm Eastern to show a little more about how SaplingPlus can engage your students and make your lives easier. Check it out--especially if you are a biochemistry or genetics instructor!) 


Sapling Plus for Genetics and Biochemistry Courses 

Student Store Instagram Contest Description


Calling all students! Do you have any tips and tricks to prepare for midterms? Tell us your best study tip in a short video for a chance to win a $500 gift card! Learn how to enter here.

We are excited to report that Sapling Learning and SaplingPlus users now have the option to duplicate their course from a prior semester into a new semester. A duplicate course will have all of the same assignments, settings, and groups as the original course. You will automatically be given Instructor access to the duplicate course, but all assignments in the duplicate course will be hidden from students by default. The duplicate course will be available to you to review and edit, but is not automatically accessible to students. A member of the Client Success team will check your course settings, let you know when the course is available to students, and send you the relevant sign-up instructions for distribution to your class.


To find out more about how this will work, check out the excellent set of directions in our Support Community.


And we’ll be sure to remind you about this as we get closer to another sequence of class starts.

Becky Anderson

So How Is It Going?

Posted by Becky Anderson Employee Jan 17, 2018

We just wanted to check in to make sure everything is going okay with your course--whether you’ve already started or are getting ready to begin a new semester. If you have any unanswered questions, you can:


  • Sign up for training
  • Check out the online user guide for more help
  • Investigate our webinars community to learn about new implementation ideas
  • Reach out to your Client Success Specialist for help


Have a great 2018--and be sure to let us know if you need anything!

After we had the new design release this summer, we had a number of customers ask us if we could add an option to hide the 'Upcoming Assignments and Events' box. Voila! That functionality is now available, and it works the same way as hiding does throughout the rest of the site. Get more directions in the Support Community.


In addition, I wanted to remind you that we are happy to get started on building your courses for the Winter or Spring 2018 term now. (We'd rather start early, than get a panicked email from you on January 6!) So, if you would like us to start building your Sapling Learning course for you, can you do one of three things:

   1. Fill out this form.

   2. Let your rep know.

   3. Let your Client Success Specialist know.


We look forward to hearing back from you. 

We now have a basic iClicker integration with Sapling Learning. This means that you can have your students’ cumulative iClicker Reef grade appear within the Sapling gradebook. It's very simple: you can add an activity to your course and include the link from your iClicker course in that activity ID. The directions are here (although most of the actual integration work can be done by your Client Success Specialist, to make it even easier). For only an additional $5, your students can have access to the iClicker Reef mobile Student Response System to make your course more active and engaging. Please let your CSS and your representative know if this is something you want to do for Fall 2017 classes.

You’ve been waiting for it and asking for it, and coming in August, you will finally have a new, modern look for Sapling Learning.


View of the new Sapling Learning design for Fall 2017


This new design allows us to be more accessible and more modern. The colors and logos are changing. We made the assignments more prominent (since students told us that is the key part of Sapling for them, shockingly). We made the editing more intuitive for instructors. And we made the overall view cleaner, and easier to see on mobile. In sum, the new design is something that we’re excited about as it will make the product more functional AND more aesthetically pleasing.


We will roll out this new design before the start of your fall 2017 classes, but we just wanted you to be aware that this is coming. The Client Success Specialists and Customer Support teams are getting information about this new look as well, so everyone will continue to be able to help you and your students through the summer and fall.


If you would like to sign up for a webex to learn more about the new design, we are offering three:

July 20 at 3pm Eastern: REGISTER OR JOIN: (copy and paste this link into your browser while I fix the hyperlink problems). 

July 27 at 3pm Eastern: REGISTER or JOIN

August 10 at 3pm Eastern: REGISTER OR JOIN(copy and paste this link into your browser while I fix the hyperlink problems) 


I hope you enjoy this great new look!

We are very happy to announce that Sapling Learning Student Support now includes phone and chat options through our customer support team in Duluth, MN.


You can see evidence of this by going to the Student Support Communities for college students and high school students). We’ll be getting started with this for summer classes so we are fully prepared when the fall onslaught begins. Let us know if you have any questions about this!