Amber Jonker

Flipping Your Class with Sapling and CrashCourse Biology

Blog Post created by Amber Jonker on May 12, 2016

In the era of the digital native students, educators are looking for new ways to engage students in the classroom. Digital natives think and learn differently than the students of yore—they tend to do well with short flashes of information accompanied by video and callouts.

CrashCourse is a great and completely FREE YouTube series hosted by youth icons, such as novelist John Green, that are designed for digital native learners. Series subjects range from Biology to Anatomy and Physiology to Economics to Chemistry and beyond!

Say you’d like to teach about evolutionary trees. Start with the CrashCourse Taxonomy video outside of class to give your students a primer. Follow up in class by allowing students to engage with the material using the Sapling Learning Evolutionary Trees Interactive while you answer questions and address misconceptions. Finally, check your students’ understanding using Sapling Learning homework questions that incorporate the interactive and solidify their learning.