Amber Jonker

A Great Free Resource to Use in Your Biology Classroom!

Blog Post created by Amber Jonker on May 16, 2016

Sapling Learning Biology currently offers eight interactive laboratories on different topics in biology so you can help your students better navigate difficult concepts. You can find these interactives linked at the top of your course page, or ask your Tech TA for more information about the interactives available and how to include them in your course.

If you’d like to explore the use of interactives in your course even further, some great free resources can be found online at Learn.Genetics by the University of Utah. Ranging from Inheritance to Cell Biology to Ecology and more, these interactives, videos, and articles provide a fun way for students to tackle new information.

Want to teach your students about variation and gene interactions? The Pigeonetics lab is a comprehensive and fun pigeon breeding experiment focused on different types of inheritance. Want to explore the relationship between epigenetics and behavior? The Lick Your Rats interactive explores how maternal grooming habits induce epigenetic changes.

Learn Genetics is a fun resource you can use alongside your Sapling Homework to help engage your students and pique their curiosity about all of the wonders of biology.