Kristyn Brown

Economic News Analysis

Blog Post created by Kristyn Brown on May 16, 2016

If you have not yet seen our first Economic News Analysis assignment, please ask your Tech TA to add it to your course. We're launching a new series of assignments based on Washington Post articles—students can follow a link to the article, then answer questions pertaining to it. Our questions will use the article as a starting point and have your students apply what they learn from the article to the economic framework developed in the text and in your classroom.

Our first article, which focuses on falling corn prices, encourages students to consider the ramifications on farmers and how they are likely to respond. Our goal is to provide thought-provoking questions on topics that are of current interest, yet timeless enough to not be outdated by the end of the semester. We will be rolling out two articles for macroeconomics and two for microeconomics over the course of the semester. Be sure to keep an eye on this newsletter to find out when the next articles will be available for use in your courses.

For more information, please watch our 30-minute webinar on Economic News Analysis.