Kristyn Brown

New Economics Content 2015

Blog Post created by Kristyn Brown on May 17, 2016

New Economics Content 2015 [hyperlink that to this: ] is a Sapling Learning demonstration course comprised of over 500 new and newly improved questions—be sure to take special notice of the first section, Economic News Analysis. You’ll be delighted to learn that our first six assignments based on Washington Post articles are ready for your students. As the example here shows, each assignment contains a link to the article along with a question that requires your students to actually read the article to answer.

We have been adding our instructors to this course as students in order to allow you to preview the new material—the link should take you straight to the course. You might be asked if you want to enroll yourself in the course. This is normal, and you should reply “Yes” if prompted.

Be sure to let your Tech TA know if you want to add the news assignments or any particular questions to your course, or if you have trouble with the link. New users always get the most up-to-date courses, but instructors who copy a course from one semester to the next sometimes miss out on the newest and the best. Don’t hesitate to drop us an email if you see something that strikes your fancy!