Stacy Benson

Conceptual Chemistry Questions

Blog Post created by Stacy Benson on May 25, 2016

Chemistry is more than just calculations, so Sapling Learning strives to provide students with a complete understanding of the subject. One way of achieving this is with clear questions that illustrate the chemical concepts that are expected to be learned in order to better understand the more complex chemical questions. Conceptual questions range from balancing an equation to ranking compounds based on a specific characteristic, and these types of questions are applicable to all the chemistry disciplines we support.


In the spotlight question, which has recently been created for general chemistry, the question is asking about the difference between the change in enthalpy (ΔH) and the change in entropy (ΔS). The molecules are in motion in the live question, with the top image showing that the speeds of the atoms are much higher in the left container than in the right. The lower image shows a liquid becoming a solid. The student can compare the final condition on the right to the starting condition on the left and decide if enthalpy and entropy have increased, decreased, or stayed the same. This conceptual question can quickly assess understanding of enthalpy and entropy and correct misconceptions, which is essential in complete mastery of chemistry.


Copy of Conceptual Chemistry Question 109208.PNG