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Grades, Grades, Grades . . .

Blog Post created by Mark Collins on May 25, 2016

Originally posted by Christina Barry.


At the end of the term, your Sapling Learning grades need to be incorporated into your final course grades. Your Sapling Learning site breaks grades into grade categories—the total grade is aggregated from each category, usually called Graded, Ungraded, and Extra Credit. The graded category is usually calculated as a sum of grades or a simple weighted mean. Your gradebook may have other grade categories such as Quizzes, Exams, or Labs. Please keep in mind that our system does not allow grades to exceed 100%.


Once you are satisfied with how the grades are calculated, you can export them into one of several file-types, such as an excel file or csv, for easy integration with your institution’s gradebook.


grader report.jpg


We also offer the option of including a requirement for students to enter student IDs to help match them with their grades. Please contact your Tech TA if you need additional assistance.