Jonathan Bratt

Interactive Graphing

Blog Post created by Jonathan Bratt on May 28, 2016

One of the features that makes Sapling Learning so effective is the high level of interactivity that many of our questions provide. This month, we highlight one of our most versatile interactive question modules—the Line Mover module.


The Line Mover module allows students to interact with a variety of graphs, changing the positioning of points or line segments on the graph by clicking and dragging. For example, students could be asked to construct a plot of an object’s motion by dragging points into place.


One question that illustrates this is item 105966 [see screenshot below], which was recently created in response to an instructor’s request. Given information about a rocket’s acceleration, students must construct a plot of the rocket’s position as a function of time by placing the given points.


In terms of the number of possible responses, this question is nearly as open-ended as a paper-based graphing question. Unlike a paper graph, however, Sapling Learning provides students with immediate feedback when they make mistakes. The question guides students toward the correct answer, identifying specific regions of the plot that are incorrect.


Other kinematics questions that use the Line Mover module include items 70072, 70788, 67476, and 106613. Take a look and let us know what you think!


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