Mark Collins

Targeting Difficult Topics with Assignment Statistics

Blog Post created by Mark Collins on Jun 2, 2016

Originally posted by Frank Ankudey.


Identifying topics your students find difficult allows you to delve into them during class time. Sapling Learning’s assignment statistics help you identify problematic topics so that you can effectively prepare for your lectures and discussions, or for implementing either a flipped classroom or Just-in-Time learning approach.


After students begin a pre-class assignment, a Stats column appears in the Activity Editor.


nov gen img 1.jpg


In this example, students made the most incorrect attempts on the second question, so the instructor decided to focus on activation energy and reaction rate in class. Student performance improved when revisiting this topic in the post-class assignment.


nov gen img 2.jpg


Student Assignment Statistics also identifies students who can help struggling peers during group work. Click the bar graph icon in upper right corner of the Activity Editor to open the Student Assignment Statistics page.


nov gen img 3.jpg


Students with green blocks for a question’s column answered correctly and can enhance their learning by teaching the concept to their peers who answered incorrectly.