Kristyn Brown

Lazy Days of Summer

Blog Post created by Kristyn Brown on Jun 6, 2016

As the school year winds to a close, our thoughts inevitably turn towards summer vacation...

Well, maybe not. Here at Sapling Learning we are busy getting ready the most hectic time of the year: “course creation season” in July and August.

Which means right now we must review our course templates to make sure everything is ready, especially texts with new editions. We compare the new edition to the old one to find all the changes, then we review the assignments to make sure every question fits the text in both topic and language.

We search the library for questions to fill gaps in our coverage of the text. If we do not find what we need, we author something new. Or, perhaps, copy and edit an existing question that almost works. We are also adding new Economic News Analysis assignments and links to Federal Reserve educational materials to every template.

If you have been using the same course for several semesters, or if your text has come out with a new edition, talk to your tech TA about getting set up with the most current template, so you and your students can take advantage of our freshest material.