Mark Collins

Resolving Students Issues Before You Hear About Them

Blog Post created by Mark Collins on Jun 6, 2016

We tell you to send your students to and here is why: The Sapling Learning Student Support team is dedicated to guiding students through technical issues and inquiries, so you don’t have to. They quickly handle requests regarding payment, enrollment, class transfer, and more.


All of the student support team have degrees in STEM or other problem solving disciplines, they can easily help your students navigate our learning environment and any resources you’ve added to your site. They have the background necessary to explain common student misunderstandings within homework questions, like when students have issues entering answers due to significant figures. Saving your office hours for students struggling with concepts. They will also move a student into the right course. Saving you email filling up with students that enrolled in the 201 course homework site but are actually taking 101.


To reduce confusion and ensure continuity of service, direct your students to the student support team at Our typical support response time is well within 24 hours. Students can also visit our Student Help Pages to find answers to common questions.