Stacy Benson

New Chemistry Questions Added in 2015

Blog Post created by Stacy Benson on Jun 7, 2016

At Sapling Learning, we are continually adding new questions and improving older questions. Our goal is to provide you with a wide variety of questions to cover all of your course material. In 2015 alone, we added 1,144 new or improved questions in all of the chemistry disciplines. New questions were written in a variety of topics, including several mechanism questions for organic chemistry, capillary electrophoresis questions for analytical chemistry, Latimer diagram and kinetics questions specific for inorganic chemistry, conceptual entropy and Gibbs free energy questions for general chemistry, and forensics questions for introductory chemistry. Questions that were improved now have enhanced feedback and solutions to increase students’ learning and online homework experience.


If you want to browse our library for new questions for your assignments, simply visit the library from the activity editor of your course site. Just follow these instructions [link to] from the Sapling Learning help pages, which include details on searching in the library and finding similar questions. You can pull questions from any of the book groups associated with your course. Your dedicated Tech TA can also assist in finding questions or providing information on newer questions.