Mark Collins

Requiring Student IDs Can Be Pain-Free!

Blog Post created by Mark Collins on Jun 9, 2016

Originally posted by Maria Villareal


Did you know that students can add their college identification number, or student ID, to their Sapling Learning account? Student IDs are a unique identifier to help ensure grades are properly uploaded to a school’s grade-reporting system.


We often hear from instructors that getting students to update their profile and enter their IDs takes time. However, we have a new feature that requires each student to enter an ID, making this process easy and straightforward!


oct gen image 1.2.png


Once activated, students without a student ID in their Sapling Learning profile must add their ID number before entering your course homework site. This feature can be turned on at any point during the semester—if you’re interested in requiring IDs, please contact your Tech TA.


If a student enters an invalid ID, this can easily be deleted in the Participants page. The next time the student enters your course site, they will be prompted to enter their ID number once again.