Stacy Benson

Dedicated Tech TA

Blog Post created by Stacy Benson on Jun 14, 2016

After your dedicated Tech TA has delivered your course, remember that they are not finished supporting your course. He or she is there to help you with any issues that might arise with your Sapling Learning course site, and can guide you in creating assignments and other tasks throughout the term.


Your Tech TA will help answer your questions and edit your course, or guide you through the process if you require help or need clarification of the Sapling Learning help pages. Setting due dates and grading policies, giving students extensions, and adding or removing questions from an assignment are also tasks that Tech TAs can easily do for you or show you how to do yourself. Some tasks, such as correcting a suspected error in a question or finding a misspelling, are best handled by your Tech TA. Your Tech TA can also help you find questions, add new questions to your assignments, and pass along content request to the content team.


Don’t forget that your Tech TA is there to help you—they are your ally and will help make sure your students are getting the most out of your Sapling Learning course site.