Mark Collins

Splitting the Assignment

Blog Post created by Mark Collins on Jun 16, 2016

As Sapling Learning Client Success Specialists collaborate with instructors to configure their online homework, one question we are often asked is how to split an assignment. An instructor may want to create practice assignments, or make each homework assignment a less intimidating prospect for their students.

For example, suppose you have one assignment with 40 questions, but want two assignments with 20 questions each instead. You can duplicate the assignment and remove questions in both the original and the copy to create a two assignments for a topic by following these steps:

  1. Click the corresponding ellipses button to the right of the assignment to open a popup menu.





       Next, click on Duplicate and then click OK to confirm the duplication.



The new assignment, an exact copy, will appear below the original. The copy is hidden from students.




  1. To split the homework, open the original assignment and remove the questions you desire to have in the second assignment.


  1. Next, open the duplicated assignment and remove the questions that are found in the original assignment.


  1. Rename both assignments as desired. For additional reference, please consult our articles on how to name and describe a Flash-based or mobile assignment.


  1. The duplicated assignment is hidden from students by default, so when you are ready to release the assignment to students, you’ll want to update the visibility and “Available From” and “Due Dates” as necessary.

More help on editing assignments flash-based can be found here, or help editing mobile assignments is found here.