Becky Anderson

What Happened to My Tech TA?

Blog Post created by Becky Anderson Employee on Jul 29, 2016

We recently changed the title of Technology TA (Tech TA) to Client Success Specialist (CSS). While Tech TA was a title near and dear to many, as we’ve unified our support efforts across Macmillan Learning the time came to change the title so strongly associated with the Sapling Learning product to something reflective of the Customer Experience team within Macmillan Learning.


As we begin focusing our support efforts on all of Macmillan Learning’s digital products we wanted to choose a title that conveyed what we do. We help our clients be successful in their classrooms. We offer peer level support from subject matter experts who have all spent time in the higher education classroom setting. We work closely with our instructors to understand the goals of their classroom and help them use the tools we provide to meet those goals. We are uniquely suited to help instructors do this because in addition to being subject matter experts we are also platform experts. This allows us to understand what an instructor is trying to accomplish on a pedagogical level and understand the technical aspects of making the pedagogy work within our platforms.

I’m excited to see what Client Success Specialists will be able to do moving forward as Macmillan Learning continues to expand its digital footprint within the academic community.