Mark Collins

Is the Registrar Asking for Final Grades for Your Course?

Blog Post created by Mark Collins on Aug 20, 2016

Are you getting emails from the registrar reminding you to submit course grades? Maybe you are looking to calculate the final grades for your students or download their homework scores? Or maybe some students in your class don’t match up with the registrar's list. Sapling Learning has solutions that can help easy your end of term turmoil.

Download your student's grade using the export tab in your gradebook. We support multiple file formats to help you calculate and analyse the raw scores for students in this terms course. Alternatively, you can finalize your course gradebook in Sapling Learning to determine final grades using our flexible gradebook settings. If some students have different names or emails from the official course list don’t worry! Ask your Tech TA to activate a recently added feature that requires a student ID is entered before the student can access your course homework site. And if you have any other gradebook questions, as always, please reach out to your Tech TA for help.