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We now have a basic iClicker integration with Sapling Learning. This means that you can have your students’ cumulative iClicker Reef grade appear within the Sapling gradebook. It's very simple: you can add an activity to your course and include the link from your iClicker course in that activity ID. The directions are here (although most of the actual integration work can be done by your Client Success Specialist, to make it even easier). For only an additional $5, your students can have access to the iClicker Reef mobile Student Response System to make your course more active and engaging. Please let your CSS and your representative know if this is something you want to do for Fall 2017 classes.

You’ve been waiting for it and asking for it, and coming in August, you will finally have a new, modern look for Sapling Learning.


View of the new Sapling Learning design for Fall 2017


This new design allows us to be more accessible and more modern. The colors and logos are changing. We made the assignments more prominent (since students told us that is the key part of Sapling for them, shockingly). We made the editing more intuitive for instructors. And we made the overall view cleaner, and easier to see on mobile. In sum, the new design is something that we’re excited about as it will make the product more functional AND more aesthetically pleasing.


We will roll out this new design before the start of your fall 2017 classes, but we just wanted you to be aware that this is coming. The Client Success Specialists and Customer Support teams are getting information about this new look as well, so everyone will continue to be able to help you and your students through the summer and fall.


If you would like to sign up for a webex to learn more about the new design, we are offering three:

July 20 at 3pm Eastern: REGISTER OR JOIN: (copy and paste this link into your browser while I fix the hyperlink problems). 

July 27 at 3pm Eastern: REGISTER or JOIN

August 10 at 3pm Eastern: REGISTER OR JOIN(copy and paste this link into your browser while I fix the hyperlink problems) 


I hope you enjoy this great new look!