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Sapling Learning is committed to updating and improving content in all disciplines we offer. Since we often get questions on 'what's new?' this post will answer that question in Chemistry.  Any system is only as good as its content, and at Sapling Every Problem Counts. Every homework problem features a hint, specific wrong-answer feedback, and detailed solutions.


How do I see this new content in detail?

  • Existing user? Ask your CSS (formerly known as Tech TA) for review assignments
  • New user? Schedule a demo!


Recent Changes in Chemistry:


  • Introductory Chemistry: 268 new questions based on instructor feedback.
    • For example, 13 questions to the introductory chemistry library on batteries, which are written as introductions to batteries, including diagrams of battery organization.
    • Labeling question of battery components


  • GOB - General Organic and Biochem: 266 new questions based on instructor feedback.
    • For example, 20 questions were added to organic chemistry topics, 20 questions on carbohydrates, and 25 questions on metabolism.
    • GOB Metabolism



  • General Chemistry: 459 new questions 
    • OpenStax partnership: Course templates are ready and available for both the OpenStax Chemistry texts--the traditional (reactions first) and atoms-first versions.
      • The Client Success Specialist can customize the template for individual instructors.
      • The CSS can also customize the questions to fit the text.
    • Atkins 7e now available
      • Fundamentals Chapter quizzes added
      • 122 of the EOC (end-of-chapter) questions from Atkins, Jones, and Laverman Chemical Principles: The Quest for Insight 7e have been converted into Sapling Learning. These are currently exclusive to Atkins users.
      • General Chemistry Atkins Question



  • Inorganic Chemistry: 104 new questions based on instructor feedback.
    • For example, 14 questions to Latimer diagrams were added, 20 questions on kinetics of coordination chemistry, and 50 questions on descriptive chemistry topics.



  • Analytical Chemistry: 280 new questions based on instructor feedback.
    • For example, 76 questions on electrochemistry and 81 questions on chromatography were added.
    • Analytical Electrochemistry



  • Biochemistry: 237 new questions 
    • Sapling Plus for Lehninger 7e now available, featuring many resources from the textbook and converted EOC questions
    • General library features over 150 new questions and some converted Lehninger EOC questions


    • Organic Chemistry: 823 new questions 
      • In response to professor requests, hundreds of new mechanism, multi-step synthesis, and spectroscopy questions have been added to the library.
      • Vollhardt 7e enhanced - Over 300 converted EOC questions from Organic Chemistry, Structure and Function 7th ed. by Peter Vollhardt and Neil Schore. These questions are available to all Sapling Learning chemistry users.
        • Several questions for every chapter have been authored, with an emphasis on reactions and topics not typically covered by other books. For example, Several questions from Ch 25 cover heterocycles and electrophilic aromatic substitution of heterocycles.
        • Many of the “Pre-professional” questions at the end of the book are available as a practice review exam and similar in scope to that expected for a GRE or ACS Organic exam.
        • Several questions that utilize real spectral data have been added, including questions where students have to analyze real IR, MS or NMR spectra.


    How do I see this new content in detail?

    • Existing user? Ask your CSS (formerly known as Tech TA) for review assignments
    • New user? Schedule a demo!

    Sapling is consistently committed to improving and releasing new content in all disciplines. Constant improvement is built into the process. In Life Sciences 


    1. Number of new/updated questions in the past two years
      • Intro Bio: 1038
      • Genetics: 741
        • 178 are converted Pierce End of Chapter questions
        • 563 are Sapling Genetics questions
      • A&P: 1503
        • 30 are questions written to go with the interactives
        • 71 are case study questions
      • Biochemistry: 237
        • 85 are converted Lehninger EOC questions
        • 152 are Sapling Biochemistry questions
    2. Interactives that are new
    3. SaplingPlus Titles:
      • Pierce - Genetics: A Conceptual Approach 6e
      • Nelson, Cox, Lehninger - Principles of Biochemistry 7e
    4. OpenStax partnership
      • Openstax - Biology
      • Openstax - Concepts of Biology
      • Openstax - Anatomy & Physiology

    Sapling is dedicated to continually be adding and improving content. It is a core strength of the software. We have this new content in Principles of Economics

    1. 900 NEW questions added in the past 2 years.
    2. 4 NEW Economic News Analysis assignments added. (Now 10 total) ENA’s have students demonstrate their ability to analyze the economic causes or consequences of the topic covered in the Washington Post article.
    3. We  now have a dedicated content team ensuring great questions and alignment.
    4. We now have 550 questions aligned to the content in OpenStax.