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Karita dos Santos
The Bedford Bibliography of Research in Online Writing Instruction contains over 370 annotations representing research and publications in online writing instruction (OWI).   OWI for this context is defined as “using computer technology to learn writing from a teacher, tutor, or other students and by using it to communicate about

Jack Solomon
As American popular culture gets more and more entangled in the political divisions that are rending our country, it may appear to be increasingly difficult to teach cultural analysis without risking painful classroom conflict. Take the current controversy over Nike's Colin Kaepernick campaign: it simply begs for semiotic attention, but how can it
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Ed Becker
Heard this on MTP on MSNBC last night.   A panda bear walks into a bar and orders a sandwich. The waiter brings him the sandwich. The panda bear eats it, pulls out a pistol, kills the waiter, and gets up and starts to walk out. The bartender yells for him to stop. The panda bear asks, “What do you want?” The bartender replies,
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Andrea A. Lunsford
  I was struck a week or so ago when I read Benjamin Hoffman and Tayla Minsberg’s article, “The Deafening Silence of Colin Kaepernick” in The New York Times. My interest was heightened because I had recently re-read some of Cheryl Glenn’s important work on silence, and especially on the difference between silence,