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Nikki Jones
Click to view contentSXSWedu: the epic education conference best known for bringing together a potpourri of stakeholders in the education community is here! A spin-off of the legendary SXSW film, music, and comedy festival, the SXSWedu experience offers glimpses into the future of education with healthy doses of skepticism and of course debate.   According to the… (Show more)
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Sonya Tiratsuyan
Students and instructors LOVE our new Achieve Read & Practice product. It has gotten higher marks from both groups than any software we have ever offered.   For a limited time, we are offering TWO popular trade books to anybody who meets with one of our specialists for an Achieve Read & Practice demo. Sign up HERE and in the notes and comments… (Show more)
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Leah Rang
Click to view contentAt Macmillan Learning, we know that education is more than just finding the right book or using the best media; it’s about committed, passionate educators who build careers researching, publishing, and practicing the best way to teach students. In English composition, that means teaching students to read and write effectively, to communicate ideas… (Show more)
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