Gayle Yamazaki

Ethics and Disgust? You might be surprised

Blog Post created by Gayle Yamazaki Employee on Jun 1, 2015

The choices we make. Is it freewill or something else? We oftentimes feel like we're making choices of our own free will, but there might be related experiences that are exude unseen influence on our choices and behaviors. If you have 2 minutes, listen to this NPR Story that explains some research into the influence of Disgust on Ethical behavior:


This might be an interesting topic to bring up with students. Ask them to predict how a sample of people would behave after seeing a disgustingly dirty toilet when playing a game with other participants. Would the people who saw the dirty toilet be less or more likely to cheat at the game to beat their opponent. It might make for a likely discussion.


If you have 2 minutes, see what the research suggests.


If you have access to ScienceDirect, here is the link to the original article: Protect thyself: How affective self-protection increases self-interested, unethical behavior



Let me know how this works in class, your thoughts, and comments.