Gayle Yamazaki

A different direction for employment for psychologists

Blog Post created by Gayle Yamazaki Employee on Aug 5, 2015

Our students ask us what kind of jobs are out there for Psychologists. The obvious answer is in mental health work, but there are other options.


In a recent article in the Pacific Standard Magazine, they profiled Nneka Jones Tapia, a clinical psychologist, who is now the executive di8rector of the Chicago-area jail. She accepted the position in May 2015. Although there have been other psychologists who have worked in key positions within the corrections departments across the United States, the Pacific Standard author, Kate Wheeling, writes that she thinks it is a good trend. One of the reasons she endorses this trend is the Bureau of Justice estimates that 64 percent of jail inmates have some form of mental-health issue.


Ms. Wheeling holds out hope that a psychologist can help those who are now a part of the Justice system. She writes:

"Giving psychology specialists more oversight and the ability to create an environment that has the best chance of producing reformed and productive citizens may be a way to reduce the record number of incarcerated Americans, mentally ill or otherwise."


What do you think about this as a line of work for psychologists? What other unconventional areas of work for psychologists are there? I look forward to hearing from you.