Science Communication from the Bar Stool

Blog Post created by jason.osborne on Feb 25, 2016

Did you ever wonder what was lurking in your drink? This is a question I had for the general public, more specifically, the over 21 crowd.  I strive to communicate science in creative and approachable ways to increase its relatability to the mainstream public. As a result of my science accessibility mission one of my favorite projects to date was conceived.  


A brainchild idea was born.... swabbing prehistoric bones I found in a Virginia swamp to find yeast capable of fermenting to make tasty beer. After a few, some not so successful, trials a delicious beer was produced. Now people can discuss fossils, evolution, molecular biology and chemistry while enjoying a pint of beer brewed to begin this conversation!

In this NPR short video you will see the whole story.

You can also read more about Bone Dusters Paleo Ale in Scientific American.