Kevin Revell

Flipping Nursing Chemistry

Blog Post created by Kevin Revell on Aug 23, 2016

[Originally published July 10, 2015]

Doug Schirch teaches chemistry at Goshen College in Indiana. Recently, he wrote to me:


I've been following your helpful website since about the beginning of the year, when I started flipping the second half our GOB course for nursing majors.

After only a couple weeks into the course I could see that this really worked better, especially for this course. That held true to the end of the semester when the students took the standardized ACS exam and responded to questions I asked them on their course evaluations. I then gave a presentation to the faculty at my college, which was well-received.

I've made a video-Power Point presentation of why I made the switch, what I did, and how it worked out for me. Perhaps this will be of help to others.

Doug's video (22 min) is available below: