Kimberly Scott

Women of Color and STEM Entrepreneurship

Blog Post created by Kimberly Scott on Mar 10, 2016

Minority women comprise fewer than 1 in 10 employed scientists and engineers (National Science Foundation 2012, 2013).  In addition, entrepreneurs who are founding companies under the STEM umbrella are also overwhelmingly male (, 2014). A 2014 report from the U.S. Small Business Administration shows that within most fields of study, female STEM PhD recipients were less likely to participate in entrepreneurial activity, such as owning a business or working at a startup. In order to make scalable and sustainable change, we must begin by celebrating innovations by girls and women of color, documenting their experiences, and highlighting their personal narratives in STEM opportunities.


Responsively, The Center for Gender Equity in Science and Technology at ASU and the National STEM Collaborative is hosting the inaugural Women of Color STEM Entrepreneurship Conference on May 20-22 at Arizona State University. Entitled The New Normal: Women of Color Innovations and Achievements through STEM Entrepreneurship, the conference is applying an asset-building approach by highlighting accomplishments of girls and women from diverse communities and by encouraging academic institutions and corporations to recruit and retain girls and women of color in STEM fields.


The conference will feature keynote speakers, panel discussions, and interactive workshops designed to further engage participants in entrepreneurship education and entrepreneurial opportunities.


A roster of highly regarded women leaders will lead the dialogue as keynote speakers including Dr. Christine K. Wilkinson, Senior Vice President and Secretary of Arizona State University, Angeles Valenciano, Chief Executive Office of the National Diversity Council, and Dr. Aprille Ericsson, the first African-American woman to receive a Ph.D. at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center.


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