Even Zuckerberg & family promotes personalized learning

Blog Post created by sarah.nguyen Employee on Dec 2, 2015

Personally, I'm not a Facebook user, but I am still deeply vested in the practices of Silicon Valley's infamous geeky and down-to-earth gajillionaire couple,  Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan. Business Insider was kind enough to share quotes from Mark Zuckerberg's recent FB post on his wife and his new Chan Zuckerberg Initiative- inspired by their first daughter, Max!


The new parents are donating a whopping "99% of their Facebook shares — about $45 billion — to advancing human potential and promoting equality... The new company will fund nonprofits, make private investments, and participate in policy debates, focusing initially on personalized learning, curing disease, connecting people, and building strong communities."


Personalized learning is truly the way to go in education. While I was working closely with the Digital Solutions team, I was fortunate enough to sit in on the software development team's ideation phase where they brainstormed activities and resources that made the learning experience more at pace with individual students. This is how I learned that LaunchPad's LearningCurve adaptive quizzing activity is already fulfilling the personalized learning pathway. While this can be scary- thinking about computers memorizing student learning patterns and adjusting to each individuals' pace, it is proven to be more effective and to receive more participation by multitasking/distracted students.

My thoughts now go out to how can we make LearningCurve even more personalized, when will we be able to release this to students and teachers, and last, how can we make graphing activities more adept to personalized learning.


Congratulations to the birth of the Facebook princess and hoorah for the Zuckerberg Chan Initiative supporting the functionality that LearningCurve provides.

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