Taylor Green

A Dilemma: Learning from a Biography More than in College

Blog Post created by Taylor Green on Jun 2, 2016

Today there exists twin foundational mindsets and modehomer-dilema.jpegls of contemporary formal education - 'factory' model that prepares individuals to functional properly in society and the economy; and the other one follows from a ‘monastic’ tradition. These two models actually has shaped not only how we 'institutionalize teaching and learning but also how we approach individual education and talent development.'


However, the world is changing rapidly, and technology brings in many new trends and tendencies that these two models should be revised in order for the students to gain more valuable learning experience. Of course, the world dictates what set of skills one should have in order to have a possibility to live a pretty decent life. This has never changed. But now this is even more pressuring simply because without technological innovations the world could simply stop existing (well, that's what the majority of humans thinks), and that's why without having at least basic computer skills one could find it challenging to find a well-paid job. Still, what should we do about middle aged people who hasn't got basic computer skills? Should they be fired just because they lack something?


No, they shouldn't. But still, they are fired. Age discrimination in workplace is a common thing (well, I'm not quite sure whether that's all due to lack in skills).


Anyways, looking at all these, the two twin models mentioned above aren't helping anyone. While in school, one acquired a general set of skills and everything else is learnt throughout life (well, I guess, Biographical Writings (or even a simple BiographyTemplate) would even help more than going to some courses). That's why I frequently ask myself 'Why did I even go to college? I paid lots of money but learnt theory which good but without practice it is nothing but I cannot get work experience simply because no one wants to hire a person without an experience." That's a dilemma every college graduate is going to face.