Custom Modules - Which Topics?

Poll created by Stephanie Cohen on Oct 11, 2017


To accompany the second edition of An Insider's Guide to Academic Writing by Susan Miller-Cochran, Roy Stamper, and Stacey Cochran, we are planning to create a few custom modules meant to supplement the coverage on the Applied Fields (currently Education, Law, Nursing, and Business). 


If you teach with An Insider's Guide, please let us know which Applied Fields you and your students would like to see in a custom module that could be added to the text.  If you do not teach with the book, please let us know which of the suggested fields are most common among your students. 

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  • Engineering
  • Media (including journalism, public relations, television/film)
  • Technology (including coding, infotech, and biotech)
  • Art/Design (including photography, dance, interior design)
  • Food Sciences (including culinary arts, nutrition, and other food sciences)