Alex Kaufman

Tips for wrapping up fall classes and looking ahead to spring with LaunchPad

Discussion created by Alex Kaufman Employee on Dec 3, 2015

It's that time of year where you start thinking about the conclusion of your fall classes and, possibly, even the start of your spring classes. To that end, here are some quick links to help make that transition as painless as possible.



Ending the Fall Semester:


There is a great section in the LaunchPad Instructor's Manual called "Track Student Work" that can help you see all of a student's individual LaunchPad activities (their 'digital footprint'). Here are some other key articles that might be useful today.



Preparing for the Spring Semester:


We'd like to provide you with some helpful articles on how to make sure your preparation goes smoothly.



And remember:



Please email Becky Anderson if you have any questions about concluding your fall or getting ready for spring, or suggestions for ways that we can make either of these times of year easier for you and your students.    


Happy teaching!