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What Do You Think of Our New “Visual Scaffolding” Chapter Openers?

Question asked by Katie Pachnos on Nov 10, 2015

Aware that students often skip over a text’s typical two-page chapter opener—under the assumption it serves little purpose in learning the material to come—David Myers and Nathan DeWall worked with a talented artist to make more pedagogically effective use of this space for their new edition of Exploring Psychology. Myers and DeWall have created what they hope is an enticing and helpful new way for students to SURVEY the content in each chapter (or group of modules), before they QUESTION, READ, RETRIEVE, and REVIEW it (SQ3R). Their new feature provides visual scaffolding at the beginning of each chapter (or group of modules), offering students a basic cognitive structure for the content to come.


Take a look at the opening spreads for Chapter 3, Chapter 8, and Modules 33-34 below. (Be sure to click on each image for a full-screen view!) What do you think? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section or by completing a short survey at the following link: Visual Scaffolding Chapter Openers


Chapter 3



Chapter 8



Modules 33-34