Michelle Clark

They say... LearningCurve is helpful in composition

Discussion created by Michelle Clark Employee on Nov 18, 2015

I often pair LearningCurve topics—one rhetorical and one grammatical topic per major assignment. While my students were working on a literacy narrative this semester, for example, they were also working on topic sentences and shifts in LC. For a recent annotated bibliography assignment, it was helpful to pair the LearningCurve activity on critical reading with the activity on pronoun reference. I find my students have profound issues with ambiguous use of they and it, especially when they write with sources. (They talk about domestic violence. . . and It says that 1 out of 4 sixth graders. . .) The LC activity helped prep students for a class discussion of pronoun reference AND allowed me to target this area in particular when I was reading drafts.


As a bonus, the grade book in LaunchPad allowed me to see who really struggled with the topic during the exercise, which was helpful to know ahead of class. I could see who reached the target score with only 15 questions and who needed 27 or 28 to do so.

  LC grade book.png