James Dickinson

Discussion Board needs updating

Discussion created by James Dickinson on Feb 19, 2016

My students use Moodle in other courses and the Discussion Board in Moodle has many features that are not available in LaunchPad.


I survey my students at the end of each class for feedback about the class. Included in this survey for the last two terms were questions about the Discussion Board. The survey focused on the Discussion Board because it was the most complained about feature of LaunchPad in student emails to me.


The conclusion I have drawn from this survey is that the following features should be added to the Discussion Board. These features were recommended by over 50% of students. The list is in order of student preference.


Threads clearly separated

Ability to paste web links without using menu commands

Ability to delete your postings

Ability to paste images without using menu commands

Ability to embed video


What are your students saying about the Discussion Board?