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Has anyone been able to get the student interface to work correctly on Blackboard deep integration?

Question asked by Curtis Allen on Aug 8, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2016 by Becky Anderson

I get the idea that I might be the very first one in the country to ever try to get the LaunchPad for Writer's Reference to integrate with Blackboard. I spent an entire morning in a conference call with Macmillan tech people and we got the integration running, but the result is still that clicking a LaunchPad link in Blackboard lands on the LaunchPad home page (specific links to specific pages don't work) and none of the links on the LaunchPad home page work. (Well, sometimes they do, like about 10% of the time.) Switching to Student View gives me a home page with links that don't work.


Is it just me? Is anyone else using LaunchPad for English Composition? Should I just forget the whole thing for Fall Semester?