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How do you feel about LearningCurve?

Discussion created by Becky Anderson Employee on Feb 13, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2017 by cory smith

LearningCurve is consistently the most popular part of LaunchPad for both students and instructors, and we are constantly striving to improve it for all our users. Last Friday, we updated the design a bit--but only slightly.


Why? We are looking toward the future and making these minor tweaks now (like color changes, fonts that make it easier to read online, tweaks to the way we display boxes, and such) will make it easier for us to continue to update LearningCurve in the future.


But is it an improvement? Absolutely! We had dozens of students and professors give us their feedback on the new design. We asked them to find things on the page. We asked them to perform tasks. And overwhelmingly, these changes made a difference in making LearningCurve even easier to use.


So yes, they are minor changes that we hope will have a large and lasting impact on the product. What do you think about LearningCurve? Let us know!