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How can I find and access data files associated with the textbook's exercises?

Question asked by Tracy Van Lone on Apr 1, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2017 by Lynette L

I have a new MacMillan Education Book for a class I am taking at CWU. It is called "The Basic PRactice of Statistics, 7e," by Moore Notz Fligner. There is an access code in the back of the book enabling me to register for "EESEE or CrunchIt! (whatever those features are). I logged in to the webaddress provided and registered. I was taken to a LaunchPadSolo Cunchit! page where about 20 different textbooks on statistics are listed. I found my book and clicked on it. Nothing at all happens. I am looking for the data files associated with the exercises my professor has assigned. How can I get to them? I have registered as a "professorless" student because my professor is not using the MacMillan online tools. Still, the book tells us on page xiii the "Each chapter now contains reference to online resources to enhance student learning," and on page xvii it says, "References to larger data sets are suggested," and on pg xxiii it says "Data Files are available on CrunchIt! . . ." How can I access this great online content? NOTHING shows up on CrunchIt! except the name of my text book.