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LaunchPad > StatTutor quiz questions aren't appearing

Question asked by l p on Apr 10, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2017 by Ruth Whitmore

I got a new computer recently and am trying to do my homework on it.  When watching my StatTutor video assignments, sometimes the video will pause until I answer some quiz questions.  I'm not sure what is different but my new computer won't pause and show these questions.  I checked on my laptop where I used to do homework and it does pause and ask questions.


I thought this was a problem with javascript so I've tried to enable/disable that.  I've also tried installing Adobe flash to my computer to not use the built in one in my browser.  My laptop where the questions work is using Windows 7 and my new computer is Windows 10.  What am I missing to make StatTutor pause the video and ask me the questions?  This is in Chrome.