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Handout sheets for Exercises & Projects (Myers 10e Exploring Psych)

Question asked by Rhonda Briggs on Jul 6, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2017 by Jennifer Bilello

I’m working on my fall course. We use Myers 10e. In the Faculty/Instructor Guide it talks about exercises for each chapter but I’m not finding those exercises or handouts. Where can I find those?
Examples in Chapter 1 Lecture guide lists these exercises and projects, but I cannot find the “how to” or the associated handouts. Can you help me or pass this along to Tech Support?
Exercise: Psychology as Science (PAS) Scale
Project: Notable Figures in Psychology
Project/Exercise: If a Notable Psychology Figure Tweeted
Project/Lecture: The Twentieth Century’s Most Eminent Psychologists \


Thanks for any help!

Rhonda Briggs