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Where to get access to online content?!?

Question asked by Travis Wilson on Sep 13, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 14, 2017 by Melanie McFadyen

Does anyone know how I can purchase the online portion needed for my daughter for "A Pocket Guide to College Success"? I have purchased 3 copies of this book online now and NONE of them have come with the code needed to log in and work online. The front of the book promises that I can log into and purchase said course material if I didn't get a code with a book, but I am not finding how you do that. I am beginning to believe that they have hidden this information from me - if it was ever there at all. I program online content and this is one of the worst websites I have ever worked with in terms of user experience.


I put in the book title and it doesn't even come up as an option! Even though the author, Jamie Shushan, is listed in the authors of some of the content. Perhaps I'm in the wrong area - College Success may not contain the book with college success in the title.


If anyone can point me to the correct place to sign up and pay for online content, I would be forever grateful. Meanwhile, I have to go deal with the other people who sold me brand-new books with no access codes.