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I found out I don't need launchpad for my course and the book I purchased through Macmillan included a Launchpad access code. Is there a way I can return just the access code that came with my purchase and keep the textbook?

Question asked by Chad Legault on Sep 2, 2017

I desire to only receive a refund in the value of what the Launchpad access code that came with my purchase is. I have asked this question repeatedly on this forum and never got the help or the answer I was looking for. The last time I asked this question I was informed a few days ago that my question had been sent to Macmillan's export customer support team and that they would reach out to me to answer my question. I still have not received a response from them and was wondering if someone from customer support knew if it is indeed possible for me to return the access code that was included with the purchase of my "Scientific American Nutrition for a Changing World with 2015 Dietary Guidelines and Launchpad (Six-Month Online)" but still keep the textbook. Thank you