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Question asked by Gilda Liu on Sep 24, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2017 by Lynette L

I am currently taking Psychology at UCF for the Fall semester. For my class, the majority of our work is done through LaunchPad. Our professor has assigned the Chapter tests as grades for the course. I have had no problems so far, however, a few days ago, I tried to take the PsychSim6 Quiz but it said that my session was logged out and LaunchPad tried to log me back in. I waited a couple of minutes, but it never did log me back in. The quizzes were not recorded as a grade for my class, so I just skipped over it and proceeded with the other activites (LearningCurve and The Video Activities) that worked just fine. Then I got to the Chapter 5 Test and it repeated the same message for the PsychSim6 Quiz: "Your session has expired. Please log back in."

I closed all of my tabs and opened a new window and Launchpad, I restarted my laptop and opened a new window, I cleared my cache and opened a new window, all had the same result. No other student seems to be having this problem and my professor is unaware of such a problem happening before. I have taken Chapter 1, 2, and 4 before Chapter 5 and everything was fine before, so I'm not sure why it is acting strangely now.

Images for reference:
Chapter 5:

I wasn't able to find a similar topic on the Community College Student questions either, so that is why I'm asking for tech support.

Thank you,

Gilda Liu